Book Prize Announcement 2018

The trustees of New India Foundation are pleased to announce a new, annual New India Foundation Book prize. NIF uniquely matches public-spirited philanthropy with ground-breaking and relevant scholarship. Adding to its fellowships to scholars and writers working on different aspects of the history of independent India, the NIF Book Prize for the best non-fiction book about India since 1947 with a grant amount of Rs.12 lacs will be given every year. The prize builds on the New India Foundation mission of sponsoring high quality research on aspects of Independent India and will seek to recognize a work of non-fiction scholarship published by any writer every year.

The criterions for the prize are – the book written should be non-fiction about any aspect of India since Independence. The book should have been published in the calendar year 2017 for nomination of the first prize given in 2018. This prize would be open to all authors independent of their nationality. The NIF fellows will not be eligible to be nominated for this prize.

The Jury for the NIF Prize will be the same one that awards the NIF Fellowships. The link to nominate books (open to all publishers, authors and individuals) will open on Feb 15th, 2018 and close by April 15th, 2018. NIF proposes to announce the winner in the last quarter of the calendar year.

The applicants can upload their details on